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Business is oriented towards digitization to build a more sustainable world… what about you?

You aspire to strengthen your relationships with your customers, get customer loyalty and increase sales. Well, all of this is achieved by our CRM software.
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We provide the most various Digital Marketing services in a way that assure sustainability for growth and success

Build your brand's voice

With our IT Consulting services you can choose what technology strategies align with your business better

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Software Development services with innovative and competitive features and unique customer experience
Software Development

Innovation at its peak

Custom software development services designed, made up and developed to fit and fulfill your needs
Custom software development

Customize your apps

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Feeling good about making a difference.

Give your business a chance

More productivity, more efficient utilization of physical and human elements, long-term relationships with your customers... Don't you like having them!

Customer relationship management  solution

Give your work a special character with a fully customizable application capable of dynamic design with colours, appearance and logos.

Human resource management system

The best easy-to-use automated system for managing your human resources is flexible and customizable. Everything your company needs to achieve its identity,

stock solution

Effective solution for businesses to have a more comprehensive overview of their inventory control, thus meeting customer demand more efficiently and reducing any cost associated with keeping inventory.

Point of sale solution

A sophisticated system that helps you to have a central database of your products, prices and customers.

Our projects
Don't wait for success, create it.
with our project  Tanweer's platform came to light, carrying a new concept between Travel companies

The new platform with a new concept

After just ten months, Tanweer's platform came to light, carrying a new concept between Travel companies, employing technology to fulfill a smooth workflow, and supporting your future.

We created a reliable channel between Dr. Smiley and his audience through a user-friendly website

Reach your audience

We have created a reliable and comprehensive channel between Dr. Smiley and his audience through a user-friendly website and an innovative brand with social media accounts.

We made California Surgical Institute presence more powerful by providing  effective strategies and innovative tools

Show your work creatively

In a short time, only three months, we provided California Surgical Institute with effective strategies and innovative tools that made their presence more powerful.

we implemented the right digital solution for Karapiel, because of that Karapiel rises to the top

Rise to the top

Based on our valuable experience and skills in study and analysis, we have successfully implemented the right digital solution for Karapiel, which facilitated their growth and competition.

We achieve rapid growth in EA marketing

Brand-driven growth strategy

We have committed to guiding the EA Marketing agency to achieve rapid growth… we did it in just two months!

by providing effective solutions we create strong competitors like Blumen Nada

Start as a strong competitor

Even if you are a small store, you need to create a strong online presence... We have done this for Blumen Nada within only a month! by providing effective solutions that made it a strong competitor from the beginning.

we reflected your value by integrating creativity, visual identity design and social media platforms

We care about your value

By integrating the three elements creatively: visual identity design, social media platforms, and website, we have reflected the value of the deliciousness that Damsino Restaurant offers in its meals.

Wide compatibility
See our precious partners…
Successful and positive partnerships are the cornerstone of any project looking toward growth and continuity.

Our clients

Tanweer Travel, study and investment company


Dr Smiley for plastic surgery

Dr Smiley

California Surgical Institute


Karapiel cosmetics and skin care  company

The innovative company's

Blumennada flowers shop


Damsino Restaurant


Ali Baba Burger

Ali Baba



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DastN is an integrated software development company in Germany, created by a group of IT professionals and business consultants in 2020. Since our inception, DastN has always been committed to producing excellent results for our clients, fitting their requirements by providing them with the highest quality of services and solutions three times faster and 15% lower costs. In addition, we make sure you stay updated and constantly growing ..

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