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Be where the future will be. That's why we exist, that's why we work, and we will continue to inspire and support all that serves your development and ambition. Because we believe that companies must respond to changes after digital technologies have progressed faster than any innovation in our history, we have taken care to support our clients to move towards success. In addition, we have focused on developing our strategies to be effective and inclusive for the benefit of the: clients, business, partners, environment and society.

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Data safety is a high priority for us in DastN. Therefore, we use developed security technologies that assure data preservation and a safe framework for our users and customers. Also, we encourage others to adopt stronger security standards for safer online use for everyone.

We have defined a clear strategy and approach to assure data safety:

Strong sign-in and authentication standards for our users.

Immediate and transparent security events reports.

Hiring data security specialists to implement and manage our security programs.

Contracting with third parties, specialized in information security.

A data security specialist will review systems, software, and procedures. Also, will test and evaluate software and services that will be provided for our customers, to ensure achieving security standards through special programs.

Furthermore, we will provide information security training for our employees based on their roles, and will evaluate their understanding through various tests. This will determine which topics need further training.

We believe that It is our responsibility to simplify the methods used for data pro-tection for non-competent users, knowing that data loss has a huge impact on business revenue and workflow especially with employees working remotely due to COVID-19. Yet maintaining data safety while working remotely can be chal-lenging. Therefore, in DastN, each employee uses a virtual private network with end-to-end encryption to create a secure network that protects all data and online communications from remote locations.

Our framework will constantly subject to updates to ensure its safety and follow the new technologies in the information security field.


Privacy Policy

In DastN, we believe in people’s right to enjoy privacy regarding their data. So we strive to protect their data using our services. Our privacy policy that covers how we collect, use, protect, disclose, and store personal information, is always under continuous development.

This data is collected from our customers either by asking them to provide their info, or automatically on our website. Assuring that any personal data we collect will not be shared with any third parties, and will not be used to communicate with our customers for reasons like implementing the required services.

We will use this personal information for internal purposes such as preparing administrative reports and data analysis to understand the needs of our customers and improve DastN’s services and solutions.

In terms of data protection, our work subjects to ISO systems, EU privacy, and data protection law (GDPR).

Also, we are working to obtain a certificate from the German data protection organization, and the ISO 27001 certificate Specialized in information security.

During data transfer, We will protect personal information by using end-to-end encryption. The transfer will occur by contracting with companies specialized in encrypting information. 

Data storing will be on German servers and on encrypted databases with limited access to assure its safety and will be preserved until the customer requests deleting it.


privacy policy
Partnerships strategy

The IT business field is one of the most participatory fields in business, and we can see that clearly through many successful collaboration examples. As an IT company, we are open to any partnership that will fulfill benefits for both sides and can be described as a win-win relationship. We prefer to leave the door open for everyone to be a partner as long as we share the same values and work by the same morals. 

DastN is concerned with collaboration, not competitiveness because we respect the effort spend on each business to grow and seek to support it. In other words, we are open to partnering with other companies, have other companies as sub-contractors, or be subcontractors for others, as long as this relationship is fair and creates a new achievement for the business.

Moreover, we seek to have/be partners in specific projects as a type of temporary collaboration to implement projects.

Anyone who believes in the concept of partnerships is someone we are ready to team up with.


DastN is committed to be a part of creating a sustainable world and spreat a culture about protecting the environment

DastN adopts open-source software as it positively impacts the quality and development of technology itself. 

The willingness to publish our sources require establishing policies that will preserve our customers’ privacy policies, security, and the competitive feature for their projects. In other words, we will make sure to apply our open source strategy without jeopardizing the interests of our customers. 

Our internship programs will include recommendations to support the open source community as we are a part of it. In addition, we will work to develop sources with full respect for the disciplines, conditions, and terms of the producers of the originals.

The open-source community is one factor that keeps technology development fast and less mistakable. and makes a huge step towards the revolution we need to achieve social justice by offering people free access to technology. It narrows the social inequalities gap, as far as technology is concerned. As a part of it, we are committed to achieving the balance between transparency and security for all our customers and the community service we believe in. 


DastN provides job opportunities, internships and training programs for people with disabilities

DastN has developed a Non-discrimination policy to provide a comfortable work environment where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, without any discrimination of any kind based on race, color, sex, language, religion, po-litical or another opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or another sta-tus such as disability, age, marital and family status, sexual orientation and gender identity, health status, place of residence, economic and social situation

Each individual has the right to work in a professional atmosphere that pro-motes equal employment opportunities and prohibits unlawful discriminatory practices, including harassment. Therefore, DastN expects that all relationships among its employees will be business-like and free of explicit bias, prejudice, and harassment.

Individuals who believe they have been the victims of conduct prohibited by this policy or believe they have witnessed such conduct should discuss their con-cerns with their immediate supervisor, human resources, any member of the personnel practices committee, or any ombudsman.

We will make every reasonable effort to ensure that all concerned are familiar with these policies and are aware that any complaint in violation of such poli-cies will be investigated and resolved appropriately.


DastN has developed a non-discrimination policy to provide a comfortable work environment

Our investors' strategy aims to strengthen our employees in the first place, to be the first shareholders in the company. We do believe in their abilities to grow, and it is our responsibility to support them.

The next goal is for people with high caliber and unique people with high academic and professional capabilities to invest their experiences as shareholders. This kind of collaboration will benefit both sides and facilitate the conditions of business in which we all grow.

Moreover, we seek to establish futuristic projects based on technology that will be open to investing in. The projects will mainly be innovative IT products created by DastN, with the possibility for other kinds of projects that align with our field of work.

We are always open to new opportunities. Therefore, this strategy will always be under development.


DastN invests in students and recent graduates to develop their skills and supports women

DastN strives to assist students and graduates to apply their previous experience and the theories learned during their study for a successful future career. This mutually beneficial relationship brings our employees a competitive edge. In turn, interns will have the opportunity to stimulate their skills and gain real-world experience. An efficient plan will be implemented by our experts in concern of the following:

Establishing intern program coordinators to follow up the process.

Sitting goals and workloads to assure balance and effectiveness.

Making intern development a daily commitment to achieve stetted goals

Keeping in touch with interns after accomplishing the program and eval-uate their potentials.

Moreover, a certificate issued by DastN will be provided for interns as proof that they have accomplished the whole program, which we believe will be a great addition to their career.


we share ambitions with employees and empower partners in order to achieve our common goals

DastN’s Data integration strategies help discover and implement the most efficient, intelligent solutions to store, extract, and connect the information to business systems and platforms. This strategy is designed to achieve the following:

Understanding what the customer’s expectations are in the virtual world versus the physical world.

Using technology as a catalyst to organize our company around customer-centric processes.

Assuring that information can be delivered to the right person at the right place at the right time.

Put in place a robust, scalable open network that is secure.

Accommodating changing data velocities and data loads

Event-based integration

Document-centric Integration

On-premises and off-premise integration solutions


Adaptable, fluid framework

Elastic integration


DastN is following this strategy to widen the scope of its business definition to serve its customers efficiently, knowing that The alternative technology of the business changes.


customer support

The best investment a company could use is human mind innovation, In DastN, we strive to provide the required environment to embrace innovation. Whether with providing the appropriate tools, or providing the required support for innovators to apply their ideas properly.

Each idea will be taken with serious study and discussed over various levels. The innovator, in turn, will be rewarded in different ways.

Our innovative strategy aims to commit to a set of coherent, mutually reinforcing policies or behaviors aimed at achieving specific goals.

result in a clear focus on development.

Design a system that matches our specific competitive needs.

Make innovation measurable and able to evaluate.

Promoting innovation culture.

The strategy will help to promote alignment among diverse groups within the company, clarify objectives and priorities, and help focus efforts around them.

Innovation has extreme importance in our business plan and will not save any effort to extrapolate it and give it the required support to continue.



The world has a more precise picture than ever before of the crises in our climate and our natural world, which requires more serious efforts to ensure that we pass on a planet fit to live in for future generations.

DastN will play its whole part in responding to these crises, and we have started already to do our part. Some of the steps we planned are already begun, and some are for the near future:

Restriction to the digital transaction to reduce paper usage as much as possible: we already have zero paper usage in DastN.

Choosing partnerships with companies that are similar to our vision concerning the environment.

Promoting the culture and awareness of environment-friendly actions.

Assisting environment-supporting associations through offers and internship programs.

Spreading environment-friendly culture among our employees by attending and monitoring environmental events.

Our effort will continue to be a part of the belief of any employee in DastN. We will continue to meet or exceed existing environmental standards. But, with the contribution of people and organizations across the world, it can be a better place for all



In the context of supporting the community and being more engaged with our customers and society's needs, we will be available and contributors in all events and activities related to community service, which will generate reliable communication with our community.

We will work on attending each event that concerns the technology development or supports social cases for a good cause like health, environment, women…etc.

With a unique concentration on supporting women's role in technology, one of the issues concerns DastN and believes in. We seek more highlight on the evolvement in technology that women achieve, which assures that women must be appreciated for their strive in business. DastN is willing to assist them as possible to overcome many challenges like under-representing, gender bias, gender pay gap, and many other issues that are not fair compared to their contributions.

DastN will also stand for other community issues like environment protection, ethnic conflict, refugee, human equality, hunger problems, and all humanity cases. We are humans and believe in humans and no point in living in a world with no sympathy and synergy.



We believe that human resources are one of the most significant factors of a company’s success. Therefore, we give serious attention to our recruitment process, and we integrate it by training and development.

Our employees are our most important investment, so we don’t waste a chance to refine it. We follow a training and qualification strategy that provides new employees with the basic skills and knowledge to fulfill their duties efficiently.

Furthermore, we will provide different learning and development resources to allow employees to develop their capabilities and potentials. A self-learning space will lead to an innovative environment where employees can share their recommendations creatively.

For a distinctive and comfortable environment, we will apply the latest practices within our human resources department: Internal satisfaction questionnaires that measure employee’s satisfaction with the company, a questionnaire assessing the company’s culture, and learning and development programs such as electronic learning resources and academic programs.

In addition to implementing incentive programs and an “employee of the month” evaluation system for distinguishing employees.

Our company is also committed to enabling its employees to pursue a variety of opportunities and advance their inherent skills.

 All vacancies will be announced first to the company staff. Interested employees who believe that their expertise and qualifications match the position’s requirements are always encouraged to apply


Moreover, we are committed to recognizing the exceptional accomplishments of our employees, materially and spiritually, through many different recognition initiatives.



DastN is an open-source company, seeking to add a new value to the education section by helping to shape future employers and employees by giving them the right foundations.

We are aiming to establish an educational platform that contains our experience in business, all our projects, strategies, partnerships, and processes will be shared with everyone to provide the needed info for whom it may concern.

In addition to regular specialized courses, with easy accessibility for beginners with expert trainers to increase information comprehend and respond for unclear points.

We will work to spread knowledge wherever we exist, our educational content won’t be limited to one platform, but we will exploit each platform to deliver information for our audience, and will provide different forms of education like courses, training programs, and internships.

Our educational strategy will always subject to updates, regarding new techniques and theories, to keep pace with the appropriated educational institutions.



Although more and more corporations include diversity in their business plans, one major group has been left out: people with disabilities. This issue is accruing due to several barriers that studies define:

Cultural differences in understanding disability.

The levels of engagement with disability and accessibility in some countries.

Varying legal requirements between countries.

Gaining the commitment of local champions and managers.

DastN, in turn, is concentrating efforts to overcome these issues. As you can read in our hiring strategy, we prioritize hiring people with disabilities. We believe that the efficiency and performance of a person are not necessarily related to physical abilities but determination and effort.

Also, we encourage our employees to volunteer at local organizations that prepare people with disabilities for work and providing guidance on "how to dress for success." We think that it is a great way to both give back and raise awareness.

Moreover, we are establishing disability-related ERG, a voluntary, employee-led group that help foster a diverse and inclusive workplace aligned with DastN's support for people with disabilities.

DastN won't stop on any limit for developing its support; many actions and events are included in our plan: special offers for people with disabilities, sponsoring and hosting disability-related events and organizations, and providing internships and trainee programs for them.

Finally, we are proud to provide any possible support for disability as a part of our social responsibility and our deep belief that the impossible doesn't exist.


Customer support

One of the strongest points we’re concentrating on is developing our purchase process to extend even beyond the implementing phase, and this requires a high-quality customer support department.

We will employ customer service techniques to empower our customer support department and to become more efficient.

Also, we will provide our customer support employees with the needed skills to respond and solve customers’ issues. 

As we provide six-month extendable maintenance and technical support for the provided services and solutions, we are committed to offering the required training for our employees to gain skills like troubleshooting, problem-solving, technical support, and in some cases software development.

This effort won’t be limited to our employees but will extend to include providing our customers with specialists to train them on using the delivered services and continue providing support during warranty time.


Customer support
Customer service

Our customer service strategy aims to always exceed our customer’s expectations, to achieve customer satisfaction, from the first time, and respond to customer’s inquires efficiently, even if this wasn’t possible for some reason, we seek to help the customer to find someone who can accomplish it.

This requires establishing a skilled customer service department that makes the company’s communication with its customers more reliable before, during, and after the purchase process.

New employees in the customer service department will attend training courses to provide the necessary skills and develop them through continuous training, which will assure that our employees are always up-to-date with the latest customer service technologies.

To maintain high-quality customer service, we will follow various evaluation methods that will reveal weaknesses and strengths among the staff and work to develop them.

A professional company knows that its customers are the core of its business, and since DastN is aware of that, we keep our door always open for notes, complaints, and recommendations from everyone, by establishing evaluation forms and surveys and encouraging our customers to give their negative feedback more than their positive ones.


Customer service

DastN aims to invest its expertise, capabilities, and resources to achieve higher levels of socio-economic development.

The company will consequently support students and recent graduates to develop their skills and give them practical experiences by offering a variety of great opportunities, such as scholarship programs, internships, and full-time jobs.   

In addition to supporting people with disabilities By providing Qualification and training programs to develop their personal, professional, and technical skills to prepare them for the job market. With the possibility of adding the best among them to DastN cadres.

In addition to supporting women taking into consideration an equitable maternity leave program, and provide opportunities in the first place for the poor and indigents.

The company will also provide support for people who have project ideas that need software solutions, or the project itself is a software solution, this support can be either a partnership or an incubation.

The next goal for DastN at the community level is obtaining an ISO 26000 certificate, which specialized in social responsibility.



We believe that people should spend their energy on creative and strategic tasks that are more rewarding and offer better value to the organization. Therefore, we apply the automation strategy in DastN to achieve better nonstop workflows in repetitive functions with 100 reliability and precision.

Our automation strategy aims to achieve the following:

Increase productivity

Achieve shorter service delivery times.

Raise our employees Morales by focusing on their creative side.

Get tasks done fast, without compromising accuracy.

Integrate people and processes.

In our business sector- Technology- Automation is an essential factor. It is a key to develop our performance and focus on what matters more, sparing time for more creative solutions that can lead to business success and achieve sustainability.

Applying this strategy requires deep dives into the processes, understanding how the processes flow and where the workflow itself can be transformed, and continuous development for the automation process to align with our business strategy.