More productivity, more efficient utilization of physical and human elements, long-term relationships with your customers... Don't you like having them!

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We help you accelerate your business via modern custom software solutions

by using our CRM you are able to manage all your company relationships and interactions with customers effectively
Customer relationship management  solution


 Interested in making your customers happier? We care about what you are interested in, so we have developed a program whe...

we offer you an exceptional system to manage staff information, leaves, attendance and more
Human resource management system


Today, the scope of human resources has expanded even more with the increasing strength of employees and the competitive busine...

we offer you an effective solution to manage the products you plan to sell
stock solution


Satisfying customers and fulfilling their demands very quickly by arranging and accessing products.


by using DastN Point of sale solution  you can assign orders and apply discounts and more
Point of sale solution


Now enjoy quick access to products, assign an order to a customer, applying discounts with minimal effort.


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