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JavaScript Developer for an Odoo Web Application Project

JavaScript FrameWork

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There are internal training programs for employees at the base of any company to strengthen and motivate employees to work. This plan is directed to current and old employees of the newly hired.



IFA Next

IFA NEXT It's a great opportunity to interact personally with experts globally and an even more amazing opportunity to build strong relationships with...


Zoho Inspiration Europe

Zoholics is the perfect place to stay informed of everything useful for developing and advancing your business.


eMove 360

eMove360! is the world's largest trade fair that equips developers, designers, IT experts, buyers, users and decision-makers in cities, communities, ...


Smart country convention for digitizing the public sector

The most prominent event


Dutch Design week

The largest annual design annual design event.


Bazaar Berlin

A wonderful and unique gathering of crafts, designer articles, natural goods and fair-trade products.


Web Summit

The world's first technology conference will allow you to learn about future features by meeting with the world's leading technology makers and policy...

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DastN at eMove360 event

DastN this week attended the eMove360 event!


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Cybersecurity for Applications and Enterprises

Cyber security is a set of technical, organizational and administrative means that are used to prevent unauthorized use and misuse and to restore elec...

Graphic Design

Graphic design is sometimes referred to as "visual communication", as this term emphasizes its function, such as shaping the design of books, advertis...

Content Creation

Content creation is the process of planning and creating web content, usually for digital marketing purposes; this includes writing articles and blog ...

SPIN methodology

SPIN Foundation Selling is based on a flexible question model that gives sellers a thorough understanding of where customers are in the sales cycle an...

SEO Bing or SEO Google

A good SEO professional knows that one of the essential parts of search engine optimization is backlinks and link building.

Marketing on Twitter

Twitter provides your business with a way to quickly communicate information to your audience while keeping it current and allows you to share your la...

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is “an effective marketing strategy that focuses on the consistent development and distribution of relevant and valuable content t...

Build your business speed

Business flexibility is a critical differentiation factor, as most companies agree that flexibility helps them attract a wider audience and greater re...

Product and 7Ps meaning

For your business, there is a “seven p formula” that you should use to constantly evaluate and re-evaluate your business performance to convince u...

Renewable energy... towards a more sustainable business

The trend towards renewable energies is one of the most important steps that positively impact your business and give it a more positive impression an...

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The importance of security in the world of e-commerce

With the expansion of the Internet, many people have become dependent on e-commerce as many applications have appeared that allow placing products on the Internet, which has affected the behaviour of consumers worldwide.