DastN Brandbook

To address an important need of IT services in the market, DastN was created by a group of IT professionals and business consultants in 2020. Through automating the processes and maintaining online presence, DastN aims to help the clients achieving their goals in a constantly changing world. DastN's professional teams will be sharing with you the success and the prosperity that you are going t o achieve.


Since Flexibility is a corner stone for us, bending was used in our logo design with 45-degree refraction. Whereas, the orange circles stand for the technology that connect severything together.

Golden Ratio

Due to its pleasant nature, the Golden Ratio has always been found in architecture and work of arts over thousands of years. Moreover, scientific studies have shown that we perceive the objects which contain the Golden Ratio as beautiful, attractive and


Therefore, DastN logo is designed by following all the main shapes from the Golden Ratio so that the proportions will be harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

Corporate Incorrect Uasg

To maintain its original image , the corporate symbol should be formed according to this rules without any change in shape or color. Below you find some examples of unacceptable modifications and misapplications of the logo:

Logo Colors


Because we all need a breathing space, we've given our logo its own .. By a breathing space, we mean the specific amount of space around the logo that makes it detached from other elements so it will be clearer and more visible.

Colors From Nature